Finding Your Tribe

Something that took me by surprise after Steve died was that quite a lot of the people I thought would always be there for me, suddenly weren’t. I know, I know – they probably found it hard and didn’t know what to say. I get it.

I won’t dwell on that part, because this post isn’t about the ones who disappeared. It’s about the ones who didn’t.

Having people I can turn to during the toughest of times has reinforced to me how crucial it is to have people in your corner. Whether it’s my best friend from the age of 7, who now lives a few hours away but makes time to check in with me every week or so (every day in the early days), Steve’s school friends, or even some of the girls I met through online pregnancy forums just three years ago who have since become some of my closest friends, knowing that there is always somebody there has made the loneliest time of my life that little bit less lonely.

Steve always knew what to say, what to do and how to make me laugh. He knew when I needed adventure and when I just needed to make a duvet den with him and Esmée and shut the rest of the world out. He was the life and soul, and he made our tribe what it was.

It didn’t feel much like a tribe without him. But as friends and family started to hear the news of Steve’s death, my new tribe immediately started to form. It wasn’t the one I’d planned, but it’s still a flippin’ good one. It’s full of the best listeners, the best jokers, the best let’s-get-up-and-goers, the best build-me-uppers, the best cup-of-tea-makers and so much more.

So, thanks new tribe. Love you.

Gina xxFind your tribe


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